Spine Injury Solutions’s services include clinic management and billing/collection of medical costs. The end result is that the accident victim receives the care he needs to return to a healthy life style and gainful employment while helping to avoid dependence on medications.

Spine Injury Solutions funds minimally invasive injection procedures during the differential diagnosis process.

Spine Injury Solutions funds minimally invasive Spine Injury Solutionse injection procedures during the differential diagnosis process. These Spine Injury Solutionse injection procedures include: Epidural Steroid Injections (ESI) and Facet Nerve Blocks (Facets). In certain cases, minimally invasive Spine Injury Solutionse surgery is performed when medically indicated. In the case of the Spine Injury Solutionse injection procedures, the injection assists the Spine Injury Solutionse surgeon in diagnosing the specific problem area, and in the second case, minimally invasive surgeries, provides a long lasting treatment to alleviate the patient’s pain.

Spine Injury Solutions funds diagnostic, non-invasive testing and surgical care by paying affiliated doctors a fixed rate for the diagnostic injection procedures (epidurals and facets) and services, at which point, Spine Injury Solutions takes ownership of the billing and collection process. For a typical injection procedure, Spine Injury Solutions bills the patient according to the AMA Current Procedure Terminology (CPT) code – billing rates. Since 2009, Spine Injury Solutions received approximately 50% of its billing once the case is settled. In line with its experience, Spine Injury Solutions recognized approximately 50% of its billing as revenue. It closely monitors this rate and adjusts it accordingly on a quarterly basis.

May 2012, Spine Injury Solutions acquired the IP for a patent-pending, video-enhanced platform system, Quad Video HALO Technology™ (“Quad Video HALO”), providing even greater transparent and impartial evidence to medical, legal and insurance entities. Spine Injury Solutions uses its Quad Video HALO Technology™ to create a quad screen multi-media view of the treatment process, which is incorporated into patients’ medical records. Quad Video HALO Technolog™ attaches to the video Fluoroscopic Guidance unit to hover above patients’ sterile field to capture a close-up video of the procedure. It features a clamp-lock system so as to not void warranty of the unit to which it is attached. The result: a clear, indisputable video of the overall procedure to further support claim review.

The evidence captured by Quad Video HALO Technology™ is tamper proof and provides the candid reality of what the patient experienced, which surgical method the affiliated surgeon applied, and how the patient was Really impacted by the event. These views provide the insurance companies and legal entities an improved understanding of each patient’s case and potentially can hasten settlement.

Spine Injury Solutions’s service is beneficial to all parties involved. Doctors benefit from patient referrals and immediate payment, and are aided in the application of optimal treatments and implementation of business efficiency. Patients benefit from appropriate, necessary and reasonable treatment through a fast-trax™ process to settlement. Lastly, attorneys and liability insurance companies gain from impartial, rigorous evidence for injury claims, expedited case settlement (normally resolved outside of court) and are better suited to exercise fairness in claimant compensation.